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Foto di Stefano Venturi

“Vita da CEO”, “Vita da CIO”

            Series of portraits of CEOs and CIOs done for “ZeroUno”, the italian reference magazine for analysis and updating on the scenarios and application areas of ICT technologies to support business and enterprise organization.      

acquerello regalo per coppia che fa i 50


Portraits made with different tecniques (watercolour, ink…) for privates to use them as presents, to print on wedding favours and so on.

Manuale dei Dinosauri Complottisti

Acrylic illustration made for “Manuale dei Dinosauri Complottisti”, published by the cartoonist collective Cargo in 2018. I created the lay out of the book and, together with Elisa Vignati, I was the  project coordinator.

Harry Potter week

I participated in Taryn Knight’s (@taryndraws) #potterweekprompts 2018 which consisted of making seven Harry Potter-themed drawings for a week. I used fudepen, watercolours and markers.


“Kitsune”, a japanese Ukiyo-e and folklore inspired work, realized with nib and ink for a private.

Calendimangio 2017

Watercolour, ink and digital colour for the calendar-recipe book made with the comic artists collective Cargo in collaboration with the chef Lucio Iraci. I also coordinated all the 2017 calendar works together with Elisa Vignati.

Viaggio nel Mondo

Illustrations for, an online magazine dedicated to tourism (full articles:,


I partecipated to the campaign #lamiaVW, realized by Connexia for Volkswagen. Together with Giacomo Bevilacqua and Lucia Biagi I appeared in some short videos, published on facebook, in which we create an illustration following a story (link:, I also partecipated to the following live […]

Chiamami quando diventa verde

“Chiamami quando diventa verde”, book written by Alessio Sala and illustrated by Lorenza Luzzati. It contains a series of short “stories with paragraphs” that tell of a little bit of everything, from God, death and love, to penguins. Every story is combined with a full page […]

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Cappuccetto Rosso

Indian ink and watercolour illustration for “The Werewolf”, a short story by Angela Carter. It was realized during a workshop with Fabio Visintin, famous illustrator, comic artist and much more.

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