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Manuale dei Dinosauri Complottisti

Acrylic illustration made for “Manuale dei Dinosauri Complottisti”, published by the cartoonist collective Cargo in 2018. I created the lay out of the book and, together with Elisa Vignati, I was the  project coordinator.

Harry Potter week

I participated in Taryn Knight’s (@taryndraws) #potterweekprompts 2018 which consisted of making seven Harry Potter-themed drawings for a week. I used fudepen, watercolours and markers.


“Kitsune”, a japanese Ukiyo-e and folklore inspired work, realized with nib and ink for a private.

Calendimangio 2017

Watercolour, ink and digital colour for the calendar-recipe book made with the comic artists collective Cargo in collaboration with the chef Lucio Iraci. I also coordinated all the 2017 calendar works together with Elisa Vignati.

Viaggio nel Mondo

Illustrations for, an online magazine dedicated to tourism (full articles:,


I partecipated to the campaign #lamiaVW, realized by Connexia for Volkswagen. Together with Giacomo Bevilacqua and Lucia Biagi I appeared in some short videos, published on facebook, in which we create an illustration following a story (link:, I also partecipated to the following live […]

Chiamami quando diventa verde

“Chiamami quando diventa verde”, book written by Alessio Sala and illustrated by Lorenza Luzzati. It contains a series of short “stories with paragraphs” that tell of a little bit of everything, from God, death and love, to penguins. Every story is combined with a full page […]

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Cappuccetto Rosso

Indian ink and watercolour illustration for “The Werewolf”, a short story by Angela Carter. It was realized during a workshop with Fabio Visintin, famous illustrator, comic artist and much more.

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Watercolour painting realized as the cover of Arcoiris, a 2011 CD by Dope ‘n Sangre, an hip hop group based in Milan.