Hantaikuni, comic drawn with Verdiana Lala and presented to Lucca Comics, Italy’s biggest comic convention. Hantaikuni in japanese means opposite or hostile country, and indeed the comic, trough a series of self contanied gags, tells the story of two italians in Japan.

Cappuccetto Rosso

Indian ink and watercolour illustration for “The Werewolf”, a short story by Angela Carter. It was realized during a workshop with Fabio Visintin, famous illustrator, comic artist and much more.

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Comics in a day with Cargo

Pages of “Punch” and “Che spaghetto!”, two of the short comics made ​​in a single day by the members of the cartoonists’ collective Cargo, which I’m part of, as a promotional instrument for small business, in this case Bar Lucio in Buoncompagni street in Milan


Watercolour painting realized as the cover of Arcoiris, a 2011 CD by Dope ‘n Sangre, an hip hop group based in Milan.