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copertina di Oh cavolo! E chi dorme più ora? di Lorenza Luzzati

Oh cavolo! E chi dorme più ora?

Stinky diapers, rhagades, sleep deprivation. Everything people told me about having babies, that I didn’t really believe until I had one. This project started (and goes on) as daily comics on my Instragram @mentaconiglio, completely recoloured, partly redrawn and with some pages made expecially for the […]

famiglia italiana ad addis abeba nel 1938

1938 Addis Abeba

Comic about the italian occupation of Ethiopia, seen by the children of an italian family living in Ethiopia in 1938. First publication on Christmas 2018.


Pages of the travel journal I drew in Portugal, that, with a new layout and some modifies were published by Cargo in 2017. Markers, pencils, watercolours on paper.


Some pages from my part of “Malmessi”, a collective comic drawn with the artists who are part of the Cargo group and published in 2017. Nib on paper.


In collaboration with Valentina Marasco I write and draw comics for “Aspirina”, a magazine published by Libreria delle donne di Milano.

Le origini

“Le origini”, ink and watercolour printed on recycled paper. Small volume realized for a series of coffee themed comics published for the Sforzesco Castle Art School of Milan in June 2016. I also made the layout and oversaw the printing of the volume.

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“Cyberntola” is a futuristic rewriting of “Cinderella” for Cargo, a cartoonists collective, started in 2015 and published in 2017. Texts by Lorenza Luzzati, drawings by Lorenza Luzzati and Paolo ferrante, colours by Valentina Marasco.

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Goldilocks and the three bears

Adventure comic for children taking inspiration from “Goldilocks and the three bears”, in a steampunk-ish setting. Brush and ink on paper, digital colours. It was published in a remastered version by the cartoonist collective Cargo, in 2017.

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L’importanza di un buon digestivo

“L’importanza di un buon digestivo”, two page story realized for a collection of dream themed comics published by Sforzesco Castle Art School of Milan in June 2015. I also oversaw the page setting of the whole volume.

The Lord of the Rings… in two pages

Full adaptation of “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien realized for “Cover”, the final project of the 2014 comic class of Castello Sforzesco Art School of Milan and winner of a 2016 Tolkien themed contest by Compagnia de’ Cavalieri in Arme (

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Hantaikuni, comic drawn with Verdiana Lala and presented to Lucca Comics, Italy’s biggest comic convention. Hantaikuni in japanese means opposite or hostile country, and indeed the comic, trough a series of self contanied gags, tells the story of two italians in Japan.

Comics in a day with Cargo

Pages of “Punch” and “Che spaghetto!”, two of the short comics made ​​in a single day by the members of the cartoonists’ collective Cargo, which I’m part of, as a promotional instrument for small business, in this case Bar Lucio in Buoncompagni street in Milan